THROES PACS Spectroscopy Catalogue

THROES PACS Spectroscopy Catalogue V1.0

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THROES PACS Spectroscopy Catalogue: THROES PACS Spectroscopy Catalogue V1.0

THROES-PACS catalogue. Release version 1.0. Public access.



This catalogue has been developed by J. Ramos-Medina ( For more details consult Ramos-Medina et al 2018.
Please include the following standard acknowledgment in any published material that makes use of THROES data products: "This publication makes use of data products from the THROES Catalogue, which is a project of the Centro de Astrobiología (CAB, CSIC-INTA) with the collaboration of the Spanish Virtual Observatory (SVO), funded by the European Space Agency (ESA)."
This service uses SVOCat by the SVO